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Drawing in the Dark

Title: Drawing in the Dark
Author: Jeremy Baker
Published:  6th November 2015
My Rating: 3/5
Recommend: Yes  

On a lonely mountain, deep in the high desert country of the American Southwest, a rifle-toting nun faces an unexpected test. A scientist makes an incredible discovery at the heart of a melting European glacier, and nine years later finds himself inexorably drawn back to the site. During the Siege of Bastogne, while facing overwhelming odds in the frozen forests of Belgium, a pragmatic young medic encounters a war he never could have imagined. The Florida Everglades exert an irresistible, supernatural pull on a dying man, the last descendant of a great Seminole shaman. A young girl, trapped in a waking nightmare and seemingly without hope, devises her ultimate escape using the most unexpected tools. A group of desperate men, almost out of luck and on the run, find themselves in an eerie Badlands town. Jeremy Baker delivers these tales and more, in a collection of twelve haunting short stories and one novella.

I received this book in an exchange for an honest review

This book was good to read, I enjoyed this more than I expected it to. That is happening a lot lately, me not thinking I like a book but then I end up liking it. Weirdo.....

There are 13 short stories in this book, each tale is something different. There were some tales that I enjoyed more than the others, just as I wanted to know more the story would just end there. Which was a bumper really :(. I want to know what the history between Gwen and Lance is, I think it would have been an epic tale, seems like they were in love with each other even after so many years despite her being married to their chief? (not sure if he was the king or chief, Lance refers to her 'My Lady' and 'My queen').

Jane Keller was a weird child, she is meant to have this ability where she can kill someone with lightening, I am assuming she can control the weather? I have no idea to be honest. Even though the story was a bit odd, I wanted to know more about her. Where did she get those powers from? What is she exactly? So many questions unanswered.......

Kara's story was the one I enjoyed the most and hated it as well. I hated they murdered her parents, which I am guessing her Grandfather is behind (seems like a political/government thing to me). I wanted to know if she ever got out of there, her ability was quite strange and I am not sure exactly what she is.

Some of the stories were about war, not my favourite forte after reading war books for two years at school, I think I have had enough that could last me a life time.

I am in two minds about this book, I like it and then hate it too. I wanted to know more about the characters but hated how the story was abruptly ended just before I got to know more.

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