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Spotlight: Rarity From the Hollow

Hi guys, I decided this week would be a good opportunity to spotlight another indie author since that is how everything started for me, plus some of these books are really good and need to be READ. So please go and show this author some love for his book!

Keep scrolling for an exclusive chapter from the book...

Title: Rarity from the Hollow
Author: Robert Eggleton
Series: N/A
Release Date: 3rd November 2016

Lacy Dawn's father relives the Gulf War, her mother's teeth are rotting out, and her best friend is murdered by the meanest daddy on Earth. Life in The Hollow isn't great. But Lacy has one advantage -- she's been befriended by a semi-organic, semi-robot who works with her to cure her parents. He wants something in exchange, though. It's up to her to save the Universe.

Will Lacy Dawn's predisposition, education, and magic be enough for her to save the Universe, Earth, and, most importantly, protect her own family?

Rarity from the Hollow is adult literary science fiction filled with tragedy, comedy and satire. It is a children's story for adults, not for the prudish, faint of heart, or easily offended.

PLEASE NOTE: this book may contain some sexual abuse

I really do love the cover of this book, and Lacy seems like such a strong character!

Excerpt from Chapter 13, Mom I’d Like to Introduce You to My FiancΓ©:

            …..…Jenny (the mother) walked up the hill to Roundabend. She called Lacy Dawn's name every few yards. Her muddy tennis shoes slipped and slid.
            I hear her voice. Why won't she answer me?  
            “Sounds like she’s talking to someone,” Jenny said to the Woods.  
            Nobody responded. The trees weren't supposed to since Jenny was no longer a child. Her former best friends had made no long-term commitment beyond childhood victimization. They had not agreed to help her deal with domestic violence in adulthood. She hugged the closest tree. 
            I will always love you guys.  
Jenny quickened her pace, stopped, and listened for human voices. A few yards later, she stopped again.    
            Now it sounds like she’s behind me instead of in front.  
            Jenny looked to the left of the path.
            There ain't no cave Roundabend, but there it is.  
            She walked toward the entrance. The voices grew louder and she looked inside. Lacy Dawn sat on a bright orange recliner. Tears streamed down her face.  Jenny ran to her daughter through a cave that didn't exit and into a blue light that did. 
            “All right, you mother f**ker!”
            “Mom!” Lacy Dawn yelled. “You didn’t say, ‘It’s me’ like you're supposed to (a traditional announcement mentioned earlier in the story)."
            DotCom (the android) sat naked in a lotus position on the floor in front of the recliner.  Jenny covered Lacy Dawn with her body and glared at him.    
            "Grrrrr," emanated from Jenny.  It was a sound similar to the one that Brownie (Lacy Dawn's dog) made the entire time the food stamp woman was at their house.  It was a sound that filled the atmosphere with hate.  No one moved.  The spaceship’s door slid shut.
            “Mommmmmy, I can’t breathe. Get up.” 
            “You make one move you sonofabitch and I’ll tear your heart out,” Jenny repositioned to take her weight off Lacy Dawn.
            Stay between them.
            “Mommy, he’s my friend. More than my friend, we’re going to get married when I'm old enough -- like when I turn fourteen. He’s my boyfriend -- what you call it -- my fiancΓ©.”  
            “You been messin’ with my little girl you pervert!” Jenny readied to pounce.  
            “MOM!  Take a chill pill! He ain’t been messing with me. He’s a good person, or whatever. Anyway, he’s not a pervert. You need to just calm down and get off me.” 
            Jenny stood up. DotCom stood up. Jenny’s jaw dropped.
            He ain't got no private parts, not even a little bump.    
            “DotCom, I’d like to introduce you to my mommy, Mrs. Jenny Hickman. Mommy, I’d like to introduce you to my fiancΓ©, DotCom.” 
            Jenny sat down on the recliner. Her face was less than a foot from DotCom’s crotch and she stared straight at it. It was smooth, hairless, and odor free.   
            “Mrs. Hickman, I apologize for any inconvenience that this misunderstanding has caused. It is very nice to meet you after having heard so much. You arrived earlier than expected. I did not have time to properly prepare and receive. Again, I apologize.”  
            I will need much more training if I'm ever assigned to a more formal setting than a cave, such as to the United Nations.
            “Come on, Mommy. Give him a hug or something.”       
            Jenny's left eye twitched.  
            DotCom put on clothing that Lacy Dawn had bought him at Goodwill. It hung a little loose until he modified his body. Lacy Dawn hugged her mother…     
            …(scene of Dwayne, the father, overheard by those in the spaceship while talking to himself)… “Besides, the transmitter was part of Daddy’s treatment. There're a lot of other things that he did to help fix Daddy. DotCom is like a doctor. You can see that Daddy has gotten better every day. And no, there ain’t no transmitter in you. DotCom figured you out like a good doctor and the only things wrong are a lack of opportunity and rotten teeth that poison your body. You don’t need no transmitter. He just gave you a few shots of ego boost. I don’t know what medicine that is, but I trust him. You ain't complained since the shots started -- not even with an upset stomach.” 
            "He's a doctor?" Jenny asked.
            “What's your problem anyway?” Lacy Dawn asked. “I know.  You’re prejudiced. You told me that people have much more in common than they do that's different -- even if someone is a different color or religion, or from a different state than us. You told me to try to become friends because sometimes that person may need a good friend. Now, here you are acting like a butt hole about my boyfriend. You’re prejudiced because he’s different than us.” 
            “Honey, he’s not even a person – that’s about as different as a boyfriend can get,” Jenny said. 
            Mommy's right. Maybe I need a different argument.
            A fast clicking sound, a blur of motion, and a familiar smell assaulted them. 
            "What's that?" Jenny asked.  
            She moved to protect her daughter from whatever threat loomed. Brownie, who had been granted 27 / 7 access to the ship, bounded over the orange recliner, knocked DotCom to the floor, licked DotCom’s face, and rubbed his head on Jenny’s leg. He then jumped onto the recliner and lay down. His tail wagged throughout. Jenny sat down on the recliner beside Brownie and looked at Lacy Dawn.
            “But, you were crying when I first came in. That thing was hurting you.” Jenny shook her finger at DotCom to emphasize a different argument against him.
            “Mommy, I'm so happy that I couldn’t help but cry. My man just came home from an out-of-state job. I didn't talk to him for a whole year. Before he left, he told me that he wasn’t even sure if he'd be able to come home. I still don’t know what happened while he was gone. We ain't had no chance to talk. All I know is that he's home and I'm sooooo happy.” 
            “Your man came home from an out-of-state job?” Jenny patted Brownie on his head, some more and some more….  
            It's unusual for a man to promise to come back home and ever be seen again. Brownie likes him and that's a good sign. Maybe she's right about him helping Dwayne. Something sure did and it wasn’t me. It is a nice living room. They've been together for a while and I ain't seen a mark on herThat's unusual too. He ain't got no private parts and that's another good thingHell, if I get in the middle, she’d just run off with him anyway. I'd better play it smart. I don't want to lose my baby. 
            “What about his stupid name?” Jenny asked. 
            “I’ve got a stupid name, too. All the kids at school call me hick because my last name is Hickman.”
            “My name was given to me by my manager a very long time ago. It represents a respected tradition -- the persistent marketing of that which is not necessarily the most needed. I spam…,” DotCom said.  
            They both glared at him.  
            "Dwayne is sure to be home. I don’t want him to worry. Let’s go,” Jenny said.  
            “Okay, Mommy.” 
            “I love you, DotCom,” Lacy Dawn stepped out the ship’s door, which had slid open. Brownie and Jenny were right behind her.  
            “I love you too,” DotCom said. 
            Lacy Dawn and Jenny held hands and walked down the path toward home. The trees didn’t smile -- at least not so Jenny would notice. On the other hand, no living thing obstructed, intruded, or interfered with the rite.    
            Jenny sang to the Woods, “My little girl’s going to marry a doctor when she grows up, marry a doctor when she grows up, when she grows up.  My little girl’s going to marry a doctor when she grows up, marry a doctor when she grows up, when she grows up….”

Let's talk: I hope you enjoyed the feel of the this and give this book a chance. What do you guys think of Sci Fi linked with sexual abuse? I personally have never read those two genres mixed together 

Happy reading!

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Waiting on Wednesday: Starfish

"Waiting on" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Title: Starfish
Author: Akemi Dawn Bowman
Series: N/A
Release Date: 26th September 2017

Kiko Himura has always had a hard time saying exactly what she’s thinking. With a mother who makes her feel unremarkable and a half-Japanese heritage she doesn’t quite understand, Kiko prefers to keep her head down, certain that once she makes it into her dream art school, Prism, her real life will begin.

But then Kiko doesn’t get into Prism, at the same time her abusive uncle moves back in with her family. So when she receives an invitation from her childhood friend to leave her small town and tour art schools on the west coast, Kiko jumps at the opportunity in spite of the anxieties and fears that attempt to hold her back. And now that she is finally free to be her own person outside the constricting walls of her home life, Kiko learns life-changing truths about herself, her past, and how to be brave.

From debut author Akemi Dawn Bowman comes a luminous, heartbreaking story of identity, family, and the beauty that emerges when we embrace our true selves.

This book is quite dear to my heart and I have no idea how to describe them in words except emoji's πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’–. I love this cover so much, ever since I first laid eyes upon it I just LOVE THE COVER SO MUCH!!!!

Let's talk: What are you waiting on this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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Monday, 17 July 2017

The Book of Ivy

Title: The Book of Ivy
Author: Amy Engel 
Published: 4th November 2014
My Rating: 5/5
Recommend: HELL YES!

After a brutal nuclear war, the United States was left decimated. A small group of survivors eventually banded together, but only after more conflict over which family would govern the new nation. The Westfalls lost. Fifty years later, peace and control are maintained by marrying the daughters of the losing side to the sons of the winning group in a yearly ritual. 

This year, it is my turn. 

My name is Ivy Westfall, and my mission is simple: to kill the president’s son—my soon-to-be husband—and restore the Westfall family to power. 

But Bishop Lattimer is either a very skilled actor or he’s not the cruel, heartless boy my family warned me to expect. He might even be the one person in this world who truly understands me. But there is no escape from my fate. I am the only one who can restore the Westfall legacy.

Because Bishop must die. And I must be the one to kill him…

Omg!!! Guys this book was soooo good. I remember reading this in 2015 and ever since the authors new book releasing next month I have been reminiscing about these books again. Oh my dear heart, be still my love.

How do I tell you how much I loved Bishop and Ivy. They were perfect for each other #relationshipgoals and they make such a cute couple.

This story has the perfect ingredients of; mystery, suspense, romance, family and politics. It tells the tale of two families, Lattimers and Westfall. These families hate one another and fight for political leadership. I have a feeling this maybe is a little bit of dystopian in it, but I don't know. Like I said it hints but I only say because of the political aspect. Its the struggle of the Westfall family who want to regain the power and govern the whole town. At the moment, girls are not allowed to marry, they have no choice therefore having a romantic interest is frowned upon.

Luckily for Ivy, Bishop chooses to marry Ivy instead of Callie even though originally he was supposed to marry her but later changed his mind. We aren't told why until later in the book. The Westfall plan vengeance against Bishop and his family and they use Ivy to execute it.

For Ivy, she always been someone her family uses against Bishop. This marriage is a fake, her vows are based on lies. But the more time they spend with one another they more they find solace and friendship like never before. As more times goes by, they find themselves getting closer and soon enough they fall in love with each other.

Ivy feels inferior but Bishop always reminds her she is intelligent, kind, feisty and most of all her believes in her.

I really loved this book, the author really does manage to keep you on the edge of your seat without realising how you got there, this has got everything that whips up a perfect novel.

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Clara in the Middle

Title: Clara in the Middle
Author: Lacey London
Published: 22nd September 2016
My Rating: 3/5
Recommend: Yes/No

Clara is back in the penultimate instalment of the Clara Andrews series! 

It’s been six months since Clara’s crazy mother-in-law took up residence in the Morgan’s spare bedroom and things are starting to get strained. 

Between bringing booty calls back to the apartment and teaching Noah curse words, Janie’s outrageous behaviour has become worse than ever. 

When she agreed to this temporary arrangement, Clara knew it was only a matter of time before there were fireworks. But with Oliver seemingly oblivious to Janie’s shocking actions, Clara feels like she has nowhere to turn. 

Thankfully for Clara, she has a fluffy new puppy and a job at her friend’s lavish florist to take her mind off the problems at home. 

Throwing herself into her work, Clara finds herself feeling extremely grateful for her great circle of friends, but when one of them puts her in an incredibly awkward situation she starts to feel more alone than ever. 

Will Janie’s risky behaviour finally push a wedge between Clara and Oliver? 

How will Clara handle things when Eve asks her for the biggest favour you could ever ask? 

With Clara feeling like she is stuck in the middle of so many sticky situations, will she be able to keep everybody happy? 

Join Clara and the gang as they tackle more family dramas, laugh until they cry and test their friendships to the absolute limit. 

So erm...I kind of made the same mistake again. I mean I skipped a few books and jumped from book 3 to number 8. I know it was a big jump but I didn't do it on purpose! Honest!!!!

So Clara is back and this time she is not alone and by that I mean in the form of Noah, he is soooooooooo adorable. I imagine he looks more like Oliver with his curls than Clara. How cute is it that he calls Janie GeeGee. **ADORABLE ALERT**

Life is hell for Clara, her mother in law has been staying with them for the past 6 months, her boss Eve is having troubles with getting pregnant and Clara is worried. It is bad enough that Janie still acts like an outrageous teenager I feel like she really goes beyond the limit this time. Not cleaning her room, constantly moaning about the food, drinking all day. She would drive anyone else insane let alone Clara. I am surprised at Oliver though, how can he act oblivious? Does he not have eyes? Maybe he needs some glasses? When Clara tries to talk to him about it he honestly just accuses her wanting to get rid of his mother after they were finally bonding? No Oliver you are more understanding than that! 

At some point, I did feel like maybe this is the end of their marriage or Clara would run away but she does none of those things. Help comes in the most unexpected form and helps Clara to realise what's important to her and how to save her family.

I felt like this was well written, I think this is the last in the series? Maybe not, as I am sure I have seen book 9 somewhere. 

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Monday, 3 July 2017

Meet Clara Morgan

Title: Meet Clara Morgan
Author: Lacey London
Published: 4th July 2015
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes

Clara is back! 

Wedding bells are ringing for Clara and Oliver in Meet Clara Morgan - the much anticipated, third installment in the Clara Andrews Series. 

When Clara, Lianna and Gina all find themselves engaged at the same time, it soon becomes clear that things are going to get a little crazy. 

With Lianna and Gina busy planning their own impending nuptials, it’s not long before Oliver enlists the help of Janie, his feisty Texan mother, to help Clara plan the wedding of her dreams. 

However, it’s not long before Clara realizes that Janie’s vision of the perfect wedding day is more than a little different to her own. 

Will Clara be able to cope with her shameless mother in law Janie? 

What will happen when a groom gets cold feet? 

And how will Clara handle a blast from the past who makes a reappearance in the most unexpected way possible? 

Join Clara and the gang as three very different brides, plan three very different weddings. 

With each one looking for the perfect fairytale ending, who will get their happily ever after.... 

I really should have read the first book before reading this one but that is before I realised this was a series, I was intrigued by it so I downloaded it from the Amazon website (it was free).

The three friends; Lianna, Clara and Gina find themselves engaged at the same time, what a coincidence. Can you believe it? Neither can I. Since I didn't read the first three books, I don't think I really found it that hard to get in to the story (not that I would advise you to do it that way!).

Clara is really funny, honestly we are so much alike. The pressure is getting to Clara especially when she is finds out Lianna has already chosen a date, she also chooses a date. When she tells this to Oliver, he isn't really surprised but he does advise her on getting a wedding planner. Unknown to Clara, her mother in law, Janie comes along to help (thanks to Oliver). OMG, if that was me I would be so infuriated! Clara has more tolerance than I do, especially with the way Janie behaves like a outrageous teenager. Honestly she is married for crying out loud! I have to admit though, it is these little things that Janie does that make you fall in love with her. Although I don't personally agree with what she does, she does have a good heart. 

The plot takes an interesting turn when Dolly, Dixie and Dallas who turn up for Gina's wedding. Warned by Oliver they may be a handful, Clara overwhelms herself with the marriage, Janie, the bridesmaid and job begin to get too much for her. Alongside that, a mistake from Dan shatters Lianna. Will Clara be able to help her best friend? I am really in love this Suave store..

Oliver has to be my favourite character, I couldn't help it. He was so adorable, its #couplegoals for me! *sighs*

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Confessions of a Writer

Hello everyone, I am here with another discussion post this week. I know I have been off with my posts (I AM SO SORRY). I am trying to get back in to swings, my personal life has just gone very busy and well what can you do right?

But today I want to share another blogger who found me (I have no idea how, I blame Google but I am so glad she did) who is a wonderful human being and her poetry will bring you to your knees.

SO please Welcome Eve,

Hey there! My name is Eve (a pen name). I run a small writing blog over at Edge of Night, where I've been practicing with poetry and prose near daily since 2014. I'm no published author (although, technically, I do have to hit the "publish" button every time I post something new... Only kidding!), but I've gained an entire new perspective on writers and their craft over these last two+ years, up to and including the crazy research and work involved in putting together a book one hopes to publish.

Using my personal experiences, here below are my responses to a few writing-related questions posed by the wonderful Book Lover, as well as some brief pieces of advice for my fellow writers or anybody thinking about taking up the challenge.


1. How do you come up with ideas for your poems? Do you create a mood board? Conversations? Reading other materials?

A: My poems come from pretty much anywhere. A lot of the time it's just a random thought that inspires an idea; other times, it's a conversation, a picture, reading others' works.. Anything that can inspire! I don't create mood boards, no - but I've considered starting. The mood boards that I've seen from people are just beautiful!

2.  Have you ever gotten writer’s block? How do you deal with them?

A: Oh, allll the time.. lol. Writer's block is a recurring thing that plagues everyone. For you, it might be called "reviewer's block."

I actually just recently wrote a post about this. I don't know about others, but I continually have to come up with new methods to get past writer's block. At the moment, my most successful solutions have been telling myself to "just write a brief micro poem or story," instead of a full-blown piece (much less intimidating), listening to music - especially instrumental songs so that I don't start singing along and distract myself - and other common ways like being out in nature, browsing the Internet, watching a movie or reading a book, etc. :) But sometimes, when the block is seemingly unbeatable, a lengthy break might be the only thing that will do it. Come back fresh!

3. Is it hard for writers to kill off their characters as hard it is for us readers to see them killed off?

A: I've actually never killed off any of my characters! It's coming, but it has yet to happen. This is due in part to my terrible character-creating ability. I overthink it, make the process nearly impossible. But I imagine that it would be hard, yes. Assuming it was a character that I enjoyed writing. If it was some prick wearing his ass for a hat.. I could see that being quite enjoyable. *Insert wicked grin here.* But I would think that it’d be extremely sad to kill off a fun character - once they’re gone, no more playing with their personality!

4. What inspired you to become a writer?

A: Nothing specific did, it's just always been something that I found fun. Up until about two years or so ago, the time that I started my blog, I never wrote regularly. I'm talking like, half a short story every 6 months to a year, if that. I wrote about two, three poems before I started my blog in 2014. But I always went back to it. Not often, but I always got the urge to write again. Now I can't stop!

5.  What is your writing process like? Do you outline plots before writing?

A: My writing process.. Oh, what a mess my writing process is.

I don't follow a single process. It's different for pretty much every piece that I write. I used to just simply be a "pantser" - someone who never plans, never outlines, just let's the story unfold as they write. To a degree, I still do that. But I have been trying to do more outlining, more planning, and let me just tell you that bullet points are the most wonderful things in the world for that.

I have a few short stories in the outlining stages right now, and I've been trying to figure out the personalities of my characters, the basic plot - and to do that, I've found that writing a paragraph or two summarizing what will happen in the tale, and then giving each character a section with bullet-pointed details is a simple and great way to go.

6.  What was your hardest scene to write?

A: Hm.. That's a tough one. There aren't too many scenes that I've written that had any actual substance to them, and those that I gave the most thought and effort to are now part of a postponed (*cough* likely to be scrapped) novel, BUT..

In said novel that I had started to write a couple of years ago, so originally titled Renegade, there was a chapter early on that involved the main character, Elena, mourning her fiancΓ© who had died some time prior. She was sitting in her car and found an item belonging to her fiancΓ© that just stirred up all those residual emotions. Grief, anger, the works. I had just gone through the death of a very close family member myself about 2-3 months before writing this scene, so the emotions were ones that I could resonate with pretty strongly. Now that I think about it, though, that actually made the scene a very easy one to write - perhaps not the best example lol!

7. How do you select names for your characters?

A: Hah! I wish I knew! Funny that you ask this, because I'm sort of going through a naming crisis right now. It used to be that I just picked some random name that came to mind and that I liked. Now, I try to make them more meaningful, but I haven't yet found a good way to do that.. I've researched, I've Googled, but it's a case of serious overthinking that apparently no reasonable amount of research can solve.

Websites like Behind the Name are great for browsing. But then you have to think, what do I want the name to mean? Should it be something specific, or a more broad meaning? Will the meaning affect how readers see the story?! How many syllables? What letters sound best and in what combo? Then there’s the problem of picking names that are too similar. Or not similar enough (e.g. you pick a name that has ancient Greek origins, and another that is modern.. I don’t know.. Swahili. They may or may not mesh too well). Then you’ve got to make sure the first name fits with the surname, ahhh... It takes forever. I love names, and I absolutely hate them.

8.  Of all the characters you have created, which is your favorite and why?

A: I'm in a similar situation here as I am with scenes - most characters I've created have been very spontaneous, very random, and lacking in any substantial emotional investment. However, there is one that I loved writing so much that I did actually become attached:

Garrett Marlowe, also from my to-be-scrapped novel, Renegade. He's got that sarcastic, dry humor that is just an absolute pleasure to write. Unfortunately, I never got far with him as I only made it about five short chapters into the novel. Maybe I'll give him his own short story sometime..

9. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

A: There are a bunch of things that make writing hard, but a lot of them seem to go in streaks. You know, one day it's nigh impossible to find the right word, and the next they just all rain down from the sky. One day you're terrified of putting yourself out there, and the next you're as bold as ever. It's interesting how writing and all of its processes work - it's such a personal thing and, at least for me, that was (and still occasionally is) a problem. But you get through it, and then you get stuck on how to name your characters.


10. Do yo have any tips for writing?

- Don't avoid writing because you think you're no good at it. No matter what the activity, we all have to start somewhere, and you won't get any better by giving out that excuse. By all means, call yourself the world's worst writer - I guarantee it ain't true, but either way, just keep writing. That title will slowly start fading away.

- A writer's work is never done. You may think it is, but come back in a few months' time and you'll find lots of stuff to fix. Inevitably, you’ll scroll through your past works and go, “What? How on earth did I let this garbage get out in the open?”

- Experiment. Try out new styles, new subjects; try weird, unconventional things. Work with familiar things, too, but drop structure if you feel it’s holding you back at the moment. Return to it later. Personally, I'm crap at following the rules of writing. Just have fun with it, and over time you'll pick up your own tricks!

Tell me Eve, why do you love writing?

Who doesn't love to tell a good story? I have learned so much these past few years - I've got a better idea of how I think, what I think, how to organize it all and how to put those strange, brilliant ideas into words that, just maybe, others can get a little good out of. And if not, then I've at least had a ball letting my imagination run amok. But not only that, writing gives you the chance to learn oddball things about the world we live in, as well as things that are quite useful for everyday life. Not to even mention the obvious skills improvements that come from doing anything frequently.

Writing can be challenging, especially in terms of one's confidence and with finding time. But there are so many, SO many, benefits that come with a little (okay, a lot of) persistence, experimentation, and practice. It's a hobby, and for some, perhaps even a career, that I would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat. :)

Thank you to Eve for that lovely, go and show her some love you guys because she is the best! <3

Let's talk: Do you guys suffer with writer's/reviewer's block? How do you get rid of it? Let me know in the comments below, I can't wait to read your comments!

Arios amigos!

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Monday, 26 June 2017

The Year of Saying Yes: Part 4

Title: The Year of Saying Yes: Part 4
Author: Hannah Doyle
Published: 9th Februar 2017
My Rating: 5/5
Recommend: YES!

Join Izzy on her journey from January blues to joy. Hannah Doyle's THE YEAR OF SAYING YES will make you dirty-laugh, feel warm and fuzzy, and rediscover life's magic - all thanks to one little word: yes. Fans of Lindsey Kelk, Mhairi McFarlane and Lucy-Anne Holmes, you're in for a real treat.
The fourth and final of four exclusive part-serialisations of THE YEAR OF SAYING YES by Hannah Doyle. Sit back and relax for the final instalment of Izzy's magnificent year... 
Dear Readers 
The time has come... It's the final part of my 'Year of Saying Yes'. Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes. #Emosh
After my crushing heartbreak, New Izzy has bounced back and is stronger than ever:
- I learned to be honest with myself (cue shocking public confession)
- I stood up for all of womankind - take that, cheating ex!
- Something spectacular and magical and wonderful happened - that's all I'll reveal on the matter for now ;) 
What a hell of a year it's been. I've had highs, I've had lows, I've flashed my boobs to a crowd of 500 (but let's not dwell on that...) If I've learned anything it's that life is about taking chances. Now it's over to you - join me in saying yes! You never know what surprises life might have in store for you...
Love, as always, 
Izzy xx

NOOOOOO guys! I can't believe this has ended. Why????? Why do good things have to come to an end?! I really don't want this to end!!!! *cries furiously*

OMG! Alex and Izzy, if I thought he was any hotter in the other books he makes your heart melt in this book. I really don't know how after all this I can still fall in love with him but I have.

In the finale, Izzy ties up loose ends. Nathan and Jamie are becoming a cute pair, Izzy finally feels like herself again. Along her journey, life makes a surprising entrance in the form of Alice and Temple. Because of their ex, they group together in order to teach their ex a lesson and unknowingly a friendship forms that is unbreakable. Awww....howcute!

Also, I can't believe George. What a rotten egg, even after all that he is still has no shame? And yay for Izzy she finally stands up to her mum about her ovaries (honestly what's up with her mother? I know she cares but still woman, chill out!).

I just want to pour my heart out in this review, but how do I do it without revealing any spoilers so I don't ruin it for you guys. I really don't know how to explain, my heart is broken. I don't want Izzy to go, I need more Alex and Izzy. Izzy congrats! Things are really looking up to her in this book. 

I am very saddened by the end of the series but it will always be close to my heart! Thank you to Hannah for writing such a incredible inspiring series!

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Guest Post: Creation of a Love Story

Hi guys, I thought I would do something different this week and spotlight an author, please go give this author some love and check out her books! You all own my heart πŸ’–

Meet Cynthia 

Creating romantic fiction has been a passion of mine, ever since I was old enough to understand the connection between the sexes.  I think I was twelve, when I wrote my first love story and like most young minds; I truly thought it was a masterpiece.

There’s another masterful connection that has been going on now for centuries, and that, is the one between music and literature.  There is a full alphabet of songs that have been written retelling a work of literature as far back as the 18th century.

“If I Die Young” by The Band Perry was based on a poem, Lady of Shallot.  “Love Story” by Taylor Swift is loosely based on Romeo & Juliet.  The artist Sting’s “Moon Over Bourbon Street” was based on an Anne Rice Novel, Interview With A Vampire.

More interesting though, the anatomy of a song has also within its lyrics a pretty fascinating back story as well.  For more than five decades, authors have been creating fictional pieces and bringing readers deep inside the lyrics.  I grew up listening to my mom’s collection of romantic ballads from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  Those lyrics have forever been embossed into my brain, I still sing along whenever I hear them.  Lyrics like those back then told a story, and they were so strong, and emotional, their affect were everlasting.

I have a library of love songs on iTunes I listen to religiously, while I write, as a source of inspiration and a tool that gets me in the mood and mindset I need to be in.  It is from this list, I began to formulate a series of ideas, followed by cryptic notes on paper, and finally the creation of my Love Song Standards Series.  I made a list of the songs I connected with personally, whittling it down to thirty-five.  That number was quite overwhelming and I thought virtually impossible to create that many scenarios.  So, I chipped away at the songs and their lyrics, until I decided on a top ten.

I had made a commitment to myself to finish one book a month throughout 2016, writing a chapter every day, leaving me ample time to polish and edit each one.  I knew from the on-start, what I wanted my covers to look like.  They had to resemble each other in a way that would tie them together, but strong enough for them to stand on their own.  My designer Covers by Ramona did an exceptional job tying all my ideas together.

After Book 6, Chances Are, was completed, my brain was fried.  I took a short reprieve and switched it up a bit with a Romantic Suspense, A Pawn for Malice.  Happily, the first two books of my series received a 5-Star Readers Favorite Award, which ended my promotion efforts.  I was forced to take an extended break due to personal issues that had set me back both physically and emotionally.  My focus now is to both promote my series and finish the final four titles All The Way, It’s Impossible, Sincerely, and Unforgettable.

If you’re a lover of contemporary romance, please do check out my Love Song Standards Series.  I know you’ll be pleasantly pleased.  Buy links and descriptions are available on my website at  If you subscribe to my mailing list, we can stay in touch as to when the other titles are completed PLUS you’ll receive a complimentary copy of Book 1, Unchained Melody.  All that I ask is for you to please, please share an honest review at the online retailer you use most. It will help me dramatically towards promoting my book and the series.

Hugs from me to you.

Thank you to Cynthia for this amazing post! Check with you guys soon!

Happy reading!

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