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The Mirror Chronicles #2

Title: Circles of Stone
Author: Ian Jhonstone
Published: 2nd July 2015
My Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes  

The second volume in an epic fantasy trilogy that will thrill everyone who loves rich stories of wonder and magic.

Together, they have unimaginable power. But unless they part, that power may destroy them.

As the dark lord Thoth raises a monstrous army, Sylas and Naeo discover that their new-found power could also be their undoing. At the same time, Sylas longs to find his mother, and Naeo her father. So begins a mirrored quest that will bring Naeo into our world of science and take Sylas deep into the magic of the Other. They both hope to find the one the other loves, but also the ultimate truth: of our broken worlds and divided souls, of prophecy and of Sylas and Naeo’s wondrous power.

But it’s a race against time. Even as they begin their journey, Thoth’s creatures mass at the gateways between our worlds – at the ancient circles of stone…

War is coming and unless Sylas and Naeo can stop it, it may destroy us all.

I received this book in an exchange for an honest review

This book picked up exactly where it left off in the first book, Naeo and Silas cannot bear the pain with them being together by the Merisi band which activates whenever they are near each other. But only Sylas and Naeo want to do is find their parents, not fight Thoth and his army. I have to say this book was much more better than the first, there was historic information in this too but I felt it went compatible with how the action was turning out. My heart was in danger of bursting out of my lungs. I was constantly at the end of the seat, Ba BUM ba BUM ba BUM...up down up down up down. 

Sylas and Naeo are required to have better connection and understand each other better, become one. They are two halves of one like the ying and yang, but Sylas and Naeo find it really hard and difficult. However, it is only when they travel to each other's world and have a glimpse of the former's life do they really begin to know one another. This is an integral part of their bond, without this they won't be able powerful enough to defeat Thoth. I think this is an important lesson to be learned, funny how I keep going on about that in my reviews nowadays? Oh well! As I was saying, I think the same principle applies when trying to understand your other half of your soul, the love of your life. Your bond is incomplete until you truly become one and understand one another. I know it is easier said then done. Another major theme in this book is self confidence, having the belief you can do it and then doing it with full conviction. 

Simia was a joy to read, there always needs to be one quirky funny character in each book which brings humour and enthusiasm to the story. I really LOVED reading about her and getting some background knowledge of how these two world separated, how the glimmer myth began and Sylas's lineage. I kind of was hoping that Sylas and Naeo would have some love interest but after learning about their background I think that would be kind of hard!

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